CENTROMETAL Electric boilers El-Cm Classic (6-27 kW)
The El-Cm classic, range of electric boilers (with nominal heat output of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 27 kW) is designed for installation in smaller premises as a primary as well as secondary heat source. Today they are frequently used for heating up domestic hot water in accumulator tanks connected to the heat exchanger of the boiler. The El-Cm Classic is equipped with a circulation pump, expansion vessel, the most modern modulat- ing digital controller and appropriate safety elements. Of modern design, they can be installed anywhere in a house because of their absolutely noiseless operation and because they do not need to be connected to a chimney. The wide application of modern technologies and the quality of the material used as well as thoroughly tested operation, which include a modulating activating of the electric heaters, to prevent electric surges on the power supply, make these boilers safeand reliable.
QUIET Quiet work and modern design makes them acceptable for installation in any part of the home or apartment.
MODULATION Modulating digital control optimally manages the op- eration of an electric heater so as to optimize the power consumption of the electric boiler.
RELIABLE Proven technical solutions that include all the benefits of modulating regulating the operation of the electrograph, make these boilers safe and reliable in operation.
COMPACT El-Cm Compact boilers are a small “boiler” because all the essential parts are integrated into a compact housing.

El-Cm Classic (6 – 27 kW)

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Standard equipment built in electric boilers includes: body of the boiler with electric heaters, circulation pump, expansion vessel, safety elements (safety valve, safety thermostat and a pressure switch), filling/draining cock and modular digital control. The modular digital control assures optimal operation of the electric heater in a way that optimizes electric energy con- sumption with the rated thermal output of the electric boiler. Absolutely noiseless operation, modern design and small di- mensions make them acceptable for installation anywhere in a house or apartment, since they do not need to be connected to a chimney and need no additional fresh air supply. Low weight and easy assembly. Connection of the El-Cm Classic 6 and 9 kW to a single phase power supply is possible. El-Cm Classic operates like a mini boiler room because all its essential parts are integrated into the single boiler body.
Electric boilers engineered for electrical heating with nominal heat outputs of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 27 kW.
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