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> Dear Colleagues, dear present and future users of our products A high quality product, effective use of the energy, protection of the environment and very satisfied customer are basic guidelines of Centrometal company today. This philosophy of our company is continuously present starting from development, the production, use, up to maintenance of our products and includes also the training of our personnel
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Title: SIA “KATLUMĀJA” Registration number: 40003978707 Address: Upeslejas, "Upeslejas 12"-29, Stopiņu n., LV-2118 Contact phone: +371 28818088, +371 29149923 E-mail: info@centrometal.lv
Kontakttālrunis: +371 28818088, +371 29149923 E-pasts: info@centrometal.lv
If   we   could   by   any   chance   turn   back   into   the   past,   in   front   of   us we   could   see   the   45-years   old   tradition   of   warm   water   boilers constructing.    The    tradition    of    the    rest    of    our    production program has almost the same age. At    the    beginning    of    1965.    we    opened    the    manufactory    for assemblage   and   maintenance   of   central   heating   systems   and we   stepped   into   the   world   of   the   construction   and   development which    in    1990    became    a    part    of    our    company    Centrometal d.o.o.
Today Centrometal d.o.o. persistently is underway to become a leading Croatian thermotechnical equipment constructor. Accent at development is pointed to the equipment which use renewable energy sources (wood, pellets, wood chip, sun…) thus the company is actively involved in protection of the environment and effectively use of energy. Traditionally hard-working people from Međimurje, cooperation with leading scientific institutes in many different fields, especially with the Faculty of engineering of the University of Zagreb, brought in the past few years a huge expansion of the company which today, with its own know-how, employs over 185 workers. The company has also its  own training center, testing station, a modern technological center as well as very developed range of service centers in the whole country.
The   quality   of   products   and   management   of   the   company   are guaranteed   by   ISO   9001/2008   certificate.   The   presence   on   many european   markets   are   confirmed   by   locally   issued   certificates   in accordance of the standards of each country.
Today   Centrometal   d.o.o.   operates   on   30   european   markets.   The company has its own organized service net in 5 countries, which confirms   not   only   the   high   quality   of   products   but   also   the   high level customer care.
>   Centrometal- view from air
>   Employees of Centrometal in front of the headquarters
Lejupielādēt SERTIFIKĀTU
Lejupielādēt SERTIFIKĀTU
Lejupielādēt SERTIFIKĀTU
Centrometal skats no augšas Centrometal skats no augšas Centrometāli administratīvās ēkas priekšā Centrometāli administratīvās ēkas priekšā Horvātijas Republikas prezidenta Stjepana Mesiča k-ga vizīte 2004. gadā Horvātijas Republikas prezidenta Stjepana Mesiča k-ga vizīte 2004. gadā
> Visit of the Croatian president mr. Stjepan Mesić
We   shall   be   very   happy   if   some   of   our   products   in   the   future bring the warmth in your homes. Davor Zidarić
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