Technical specifications
B 1 B
L1 A L2 H2 H3 H1 C H3 Bio-Tec 25 Bio-Tec 35/45
BIO-TEC steel hot-water boilers (with a heat output of 25-45kW) are designed for wood burning in a smaller and medium-sized building. The principle of gasification ensures complete firewood burning. The boiler has a large combustion chamber, which allows the insertion of 550 mm long logs. The combustion period for one firewood is at least 4 hours to 12 hours. The boiler is equipped with a regulator that controls the operation of the boiler. The boiler must be connected to the central heating system using a 3-way thermostat and a storage tank. BIO-TEC Boiler Characteristics: The hot water central heating boiler is designed for wood burning (wood moisture content is not more than 25%); The principle of gasification ensures complete combustion of firewood, which minimizes the frequency of cleaning the boiler to a minimum (depending on wood quality and how the boiler is used); Boiler design, flue gas solution, and their additional burning, ensures a high level of efficiency and makes it very economical; Nature-friendly boiler, producing very little harmful exhaust gases; Three large doors provide easy cleaning of the boiler and easy wood burning; The boiler is designed for an open and closed type central heating system, using an appropriate storage tank.
Bio-Tec description
(kW) (l) (kg) Ø(mm) (R) (R) (R) (°C) (°C) (bar) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (lit.)
25 105 450 150 6/4'' 6/4'' 1/2'' 170 90 2,5 1295 1345 595 430/685 600/1285 80/765 550 97
35 96 515 150 6/4" 6/4" 1/2" 190 90 2,5 1290 1385 725 540/685 600/1330 80/1040 550 144
45 110 610 180 6/4" 6/4" 1/2" 180 90 2,5 1290 1580 725 540/685 600/1525 80/1250 550 175
Total heat output Water volume Boiler weight * *Chimney diameter Supply connection Return connection Loading / Discharge Flue gas temperature Maximum operating temperature Maximum working pressure Boiler depth A Boiler height C Boiler width B Dimensions B1 / L1 Dimensions L2 / H1 Dimensions H2 / H3 The maximum length of the logs Furnace volume


Pyrolytic wood heating boilers


*The internal diameter and height of the chimney must be strictly in line with the boiler's nominal capacity. It must comply with all national regulatory documents and manufacturer's recommendations.
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