Pel-Tec - high quality steel pellet boilers. Boiler built-in pellet burner with automatic ignition and automatic self-cleaning function for excellent boiler operation. The automatic flue gas heat exchanger cleaning function ensures even heat exchange and higher boiler efficiency. Built-in automatic ash cleaning. The multifunctional boiler control unit in the standard package ensures uninterrupted operation of the boiler as well as controls the amount of pellets in the bunker. The built-in backflow protection ensures the proper operation. Characteristics of Pel-Tec boilers: Pel-Tec central heating pellet boiler with built-in burner and nominal heat capacity of 12, 24, 36, 48, 69 and 96 kW High boiler efficiency and low maintenance requirements Low emissions and harmful emissions Modulating boiler operation Automatic self-cleaning for burner grille and flue gas channels Flue gas temperature sensor and level sensor for pellet bunker Built-in backflow protection with 4-way valve Multifunctional digital controller with touch-screen panel Accessories: room thermostat, GSM alarm module for the boiler and pellet bunker, automatic pellet filling from another pellet storage (additional equipment) Lambda probe WiFi module.


Heating pellet boiler


*The internal diameter and height of the chimney must be strictly in line with the boiler's nominal capacity. It must comply with all national regulatory documents and manufacturer's recommendations.
Technical specifications
Nominal heat output Heat power range *Flue gas outlet diameter Inlet / outlet diameter Discharge diameter Maximum operating temperature Maximum working pressure Pellet tank capacity Total boiler length A Total boiler width B Total boiler height C Boiler block length D Boiler block width E Boiler block height F Size G Size H
kW kW f(mm) R R °C bar lit. mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
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Low emission of harmful compounds in the flue gases.
High boiler efficiency and low maintenance requirements.
Automatic cleaning of the burner grid and flue passages.
Additional equipment for specific tasks (wi-fi, GSM, room regulation etc..)
Enables direct interaction with the content shown on the screen. Easy operation of the boiler. It can handle a direct heating circuit and the circuit of sanitary water.
Boiler with casing and control, pre-wired, with 3 additional sensors, pump group with pump and motor powered mixing valve, flue fan, grate and fluegas heatexchanger cleaning mechanism, cleaning set (scraper, brush, poker, set holder). Pellet container in cardboard packaging + transporter
Connection to one circuit heating system and domestic water heating (DHW)
DHW tank (TB, STEB…) Room thermostat Pumps for heating circuit and DWH Closed heating system Safety air-vent group (2,5bar) and expansion vessel; Open heating system Open expansion vessel * One of 15 different connection options is shown in the diagram
GSM module // CAL // CMNET // WiFi module
SMS or phone call alert about boiler status (errors, warnings) Inquiry about boiler status – operation phase, temperature, by SMS Turning on/off boiler by SMS or through internet Live vizualisation on boiler proceses through internet CAL alarm set (speaker/lamp) Module for error alert by sound or light signal or warnings concerning boiler operation CMNET Cascade manager to control up to 8 boilers in a cascade
CM2K module for controling 2 heating circuits + CSK
Enables steering 2 heating circuits usisng outdoor temperature (control of up to 2 mixing valves and up to 2 pumps) It is possible to connect up to 4 CM2K modules (up to 8 heating circuits) It is possible to connect up to 2 CSK room correctors per one module CSK Room corrector
CVT vacuum pellets supply
Vacuum pellets supply with mole from a room (pellets storage) Vacuum pellets supply from a large tank (CentroPelet box up to 3,4m3) Vacuum pellets supply by screw feeder from a storage room
12 3,6-12 130 1” 1/2” 90 2,5 340 1105 1200 1560 765 650 1560 1235 1515
18 5,4-18 130 1” 1/2” 90 2,5 340 1105 1420 1560 765 880 1275 765 1040
24 7,2-24 130 5/4” 1/2” 90 2,5 340 1080 1420 1560 736 880 1345 855 1140
36 10,8-36 150 5/4” 1/2” 90 2,5 340 1160 1485 1560 765 965 1345 855 1160
48 14,4-48 150 5/4” 1/2” 90 2,5 340 1175 1485 1560 765 965 1495 995 1310
69 20,7-69 200 2” 1/2” 90 2,5 530 1240 1940 1560 765 965 1345 1275 1345
96 28,8-96 200 2” 1/2” 90 2,5 530 1310 1965 1560 765 965 1495 1275 1345
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